Can Armadillos Transmit Leprosy to People?

When it comes to talk about wild Kansas City animals, we all feel scared of having them at our doorstep even. There is no question of getting them entered in homes. Nobody likes to keep the dangerous animals in homes as pets. To get rid of the animals, we can adopt many ways. The way we adopt depends on the animal we found in our home unluckily.

Even if the Kansas City armadillos are not known as the creatures to cuddle, there is now even more reason to avoid them and this is because they are able to transmit the leprosy to the humans. It has been confirmed that at least a third of the leprosy cases that are found in United States are the results of the contact with the armadillos that have already been infected. The cases are more in the places where people, eat, skin or hunt for the Missouri armadillos. The leprosy is also called Hansen’s disease and it is the ancient scourge that has disappeared in many years ago. The diseases should be identified faster and it should be treated using the antibiotics. However, many people are not able to recognize the skin lesions and it is hard for them since they can suffer the nerve damage for a long period. The doctors may also fail to consider the leprosy for the people who have not travelled outside of the country.

The Kansas City armadillos are the other humans that are known to host leprosy bacillus besides the humans. The armadillos have been found to have the same strain of the disease as humans. The bacteria that cause leprosy cannot survive too long outside of the body and the Missouri armadillos are known to be the only other host of the leprosy. It can be transmitted to the humans through eating or handling of the animals. The risk of getting the leprosy from the armadillos is still low and the nine-banded armadillos are the only one known to have the disease. Most cases of the people who suffer are the people who get it when they have travelled outside of the country where people suffer from it. However, according to the research, the Missouri armadillos also got the leprosy from men around 500 years ago. However, it is believed that these animals are not able to live for a long time until they can be affected by the symptoms of the diseases. It is easy to avoid the contamination through avoiding the contact with these critters. The people should not eat, skin or hunt the Kansas City armadillos.

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