Bat Calendar

Here is the calendar that will tell you what Kansas City bats do every month. January: this is the time that the bats may be at rest since it is mostly cold and the bats are in a torpor or hibernation. The Missouri bats may emerge when there are warmer spells of a month. The male can breed the female while she is hibernating.

February is the same in different countries because the weather is cold and the Missouri bats may continue to hibernate. The male may continue the breeding process and since the Kansas City bats that the bats have during this period may be getting low, they may start to be active.

March is not predictable since the bats can stay in the hibernation when the weather is still cold or emerge when it gets warm. April is a month where the bats will be out of the hibernation officially and the water is nice and the days start to get longer and also warmer. The flying insects that the bats feed on are now present and they are consistent. May is the time that males with the female bats will start to separate. The males will make the bachelor colony while the female make maternity colony so that they can have the babies together.

June is the time that females and males will be separated and male will go to the roosting spots for their bachelor colony while the female will settle for the maternity colony. The female Kansas City bats will be eating too much insects so that they can have enough Missouri bats for the birthing season. July is the time that the female gets babies and the babies are born naked which means that they do not have any fur which means that the babies are going to depend on the internal temperature for the maternal colony.

August is the time that some babies start to fly out while others are being born. September is the time that its starts to get cold so the bats start to eat too much to stock the fat and they regroup with the males. October is the time that the bats will eat anything to have enough fats. November the bats will settle into the winter dens and they start torpor process. December is colder so that Missouri bats will be inactive and will be in the state of torpor.

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