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How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Groundhogs

One-way exclusion is technique used to remove Kansas City groundhogs from your home/property without trapping them and at the same time ensuring that animal will not return back. Basically, this is one-way door, which closes after the animal goes through it on a way out. This technique is primarily used by wildlife professionals, although there are some do-it-yourself ways how to create on your own these one-way exclusion funnels. The important thing to keep in mind in all these cases in the fact that the point is not to trap groundhog, but to enable it to leave your property safely-without the way to come back. Of course, with Missouri groundhogs, this could be the problem because groundhogs are excellent diggers and they easily dig their way under certain posted obstacles on fences that should prevent their return. This will especially be the case if Missouri groundhog in question is nursing mother that will never leave her babies behind and will do anything in her power to get back to them. This is the reason why application of one-way exclusion funnels should follow only after you have made sure that animal in question isn't nursing groundhog with babies. It is important to be sure that Kansas City groundhog babies are old enough to go outside on their own and to follow their mother.

One-way exclusion should always be followed by additionally covering all entry points as well as penetration points and making sure that Kansas City groundhog can't penetrate them in the future. If you choose to hire professionals to prepare one-way exclusion funnels they will make sure that entire premises are inspected to pinpoint all problem areas as well as to ensure that all these areas as repaired to prevent future groundhog entry.

In a case of Missouri groundhogs, one-way funnels usually include live animals traps that will only get groundhog in (without injuring the animal) so that animal can be safely and unharmed removed to remote area where it can't pose future danger to your property. Mesh fence should then be posted around the Kansas City property to prevent further entry, as mesh fencing prevents digging and will discourage groundhog to try to enter your garden in the future. Important part of groundhog removal from your property is covering its den so that there is no home to return to in a case that animal does manage to find its way back from the relocation point.

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